Catch Music’s 2018 annual general meeting.

Yes it’s that time again, you’re invited to Catch Music’s annual general meeting.

Please feel free to attend and have your say on Catch Music matters.

What would you like to see at Catch Music?

Perth state library, level 1

Wednesday, 12 December 2018 from 6pm to 8pm

It’s as easy as ‘A-B-C!’

Keep mentally, physically and socially active: take
a walk, say g’day, read a book, do a crossword,
dance, play cards, stop for a chat…

Join a book club, take a cooking class, be more
involved in groups you are already a member of,
go along to community events…

Take up a cause, help a neighbour, learn
something new, set yourself a challenge, help out
at the school or meals on wheels…
Being active, having a sense of
belonging, and having a purpose in
life all contribute to happiness and
good mental health.

Catch Music proudly supported by Act-Belong-Commit promoting positive mental health!

#communityinharmony #actbelongcommit

Community in Harmony Project… We need your help!

Community in Harmony Project

We need your help. Our new project is to invite and involve people from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CaLD) communities to become involved in the Catch Music Program by hosting interactive music sessions where musicians can highlight their cultural music backgrounds and instruments and then interact their musical styles with Catch Music members.

The aim is to introduce participants from CaLD backgrounds, to a non-threatening environment where Catch Music provides a healthy lifestyle choice for members of any community who enjoy making music with others and can share their passion for music making. This shared passion will help promote participants’ continued involvement, culminating in a public performance as part of Harmony Week 2019.

Music provides people with ways of understanding and developing their self-identity, of connecting with other people, of maintaining well-being and of experiencing and expressing spirituality, and provides strong associations with and memories of a person’s life. Music promotes quality of life by contributing to positive self-esteem, by helping people feel competent and independent, and by lessening feelings of isolation and loneliness.

This project will enable us to focus particularly on improving the inclusion of culturally diverse individuals using music as a vehicle for social connection and capacity-building.

We are seeking your assistance by considering making a tax-deductible donation which will allow up to 40 participants from CaLD backgrounds to be enrolled in our Catch Music sessions during Term 4 (8 October to 13 December 2018) and Term 1 (4 February to March 2019). This interaction will culminate in a concert as part of Harmony Week 2019. The concert will feature the creative musical outcomes achieved in the music sessions, with a focus on an integrated fusion of musical styles and backgrounds.

We have partnered with the Australian Cultural Fund (ACF) which is a fundraising platform for this project. ACF is managed by Creative Partnerships Australia and was established by the Australian Government in 2003 to encourage donations to the arts.

Donations over $2 are tax deductible, and supporters get the chance to make a real difference to the work of Australian organisations such as ours.

Our Community in Harmony funding page can be found here:

This shared passion will help break down barriers, help build connections and friendships and promote participants’ continued involvement in community programs such as Catch Music.

Catch Music is an incorporated not-for-profit association and donations are tax-deductible.